TheJudge is the leading specialist broker of After-the-Event litigation insurance (also known as ATE insurance) with access to competitive litigation finance products for law firms and their clients.  We are one of the most connected and experienced teams in this highly specialized market.

Our experience covers:

  • Insurance to cover the client’s own legal fees and expenses
  • Non recourse financing for legal fees and expenses
  • Insurance to reduce the law firm’s risk in taking matters on a contingency fee basis (Contingency Fee Insurance)
  • Finance for law firms to enable them to receive some fee income when acting on a contingency fee basis
  • Adverse costs insurance to protect the client against an adverse costs order (fee shifting)
  • Security for costs
  • Damages bonds
  • Insurance to cover the risk of award/judgment default
  • Sale or monetization of awards or claims
  • Award enforcement and enforcement financing
  • M&A insurance, including insurance to contain legal liabilities
  • Tailored law firm finance and insurance portfolio arrangements;
  • Introductions to leading law firms by specialist areas
Why do clients engage TheJudge?
  • Quick overview and indication – We can provide a good overview of the client’s likely options within 24 hours based on a few brief details being provided.
  • No added cost – We do not charge an upfront fee for our service. We are paid by the selected insurer or funder ensuring that our interests are aligned to the outcome of the client’s application for litigation insurance and/or litigation funding
  • We help lawyers discharge their duties – We help law firms ensure that their clients receive comprehensive advice on the options we are able to provide in a fully transparent manner
  • Saving chargeable law firm time – We work to minimize lawyer time in advising on the most appropriate way to manage the legal fees incurred in bringing a dispute
  • Get the right deal – We aim to deliver an arrangement which works for the client – this is why we operate in both the insurance and funding markets. Having the flexibility, where appropriate, to combine these products, ensures we can better tailor the correct solution for the client
  • Speed – Our process is designed to get from enquiry to executed arrangement in as short a timeframe as possible. We have numerous templates, precedents and standard form agreements, all designed to save time and increase efficiency