Our value to you lies in our overarching perspective of both the litigation insurance and litigation funding market. We have unrivalled experience in tailoring arrangements that consider and, where appropriate, combine both options. Our hands on and bespoke approach ensures we understand your fee objectives and build commercial solutions to match.

Our long history within this unique and fast-moving insurance sector means that we have been challenged time and time again to source insurance based solutions to fix a wide range of issues connected to litigation/arbitration risk and finance over last 20 years.

Our specialism is to provide insurance solutions but in doing so, our intricate knowledge of the Third Party Funding, Award Enforcement Funding and Claim Monetisation means we can deliver results that traditional generalist insurance brokers cannot match.

Our Case Studies include:

Adverse Costs

• Arranging adverse costs insurance (also known as After-the-Event litigation or ATE insurance) to protect litigants against the risk of an adverse costs orders in a wide variety of commercial litigation or arbitration matters conducted in forums within Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

• Structuring towers of indemnity, for as much as £40m for a single case, by attracting subscriptions from multiple insurers to one syndicated policy.

• Creating and organising enhancements to standard adverse costs insurance policies to substantially improve the chances of an ATE policy being accepted as security for costs.

Own Costs and Expenses

• Arranging insurance to cover the client’s own legal fees and expenses budget so that corporates can invest capital into pursuing meritorious claims with the confidence their investment is insured.

• Structuring a market leading portfolio insurance arrangement for over £100m on behalf of a corporate institution.

• Sourcing and engineering insurance solutions to reduce a law firm’s risk in taking matters on a contingency fee basis.

• Tailoring an insurance portfolio arrangement for a leading law firm to help market and de-risk their Damages Based Agreements initiative.

Other scenarios

• We can secure cross-undertakings coverage so that claimants can seek injunctive relief from the courts (e.g. asset freezing etc).

• We can seek insurance to cover the risk of award/judgment default by a sovereign state pursuant to an investor-state arbitral award.

• We can source insurance to cover the risk of an appeal or annulment of an award to allow a client to sell the award to a third party monetiser.

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