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We operate exclusively in the world of litigation finance and litigation insurance. We are one of the most experienced teams in this highly specialized market, with offices in London, Manchester, California and Toronto and with a history spanning nearly 2 decades.

Neither litigation finance nor litigation insurance in isolation can hope to meet the needs of all clients. Whether the main objective is liquidity or risk management, it’s essential to understand the mechanics and advantages of each industry and what they can offer, whether individually or combined.

Our work is diverse. We work with small businesses requiring £500k or less of litigation finance, through to large corporates seeking £100m portfolio finance arrangements, as well as law firms looking to expand their alternative fee offerings whilst guaranteeing acceptable minimum realization rates on fees.

Start your exploration of this market with us, and you’ll not only save time but gain clarity of thought. By having various deal structures and the impact of different pricing models explained to you from the outset, you will be achieving your objective in the most efficient way possible – in the fastest timeframe possible.

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Business Interruption Insurance Claims: Financing & Monetization
May 11th, 2020

Streamlined Financing and Monetization of Business Interruption Insurance Claims As countless businesses continue to suffer the effects of global lockdowns, many have submitted business interruption and other claims to their insurers to attempt to recoup losses.  Whether such claims are … Continued

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Cash is King – Managing risk and cashflow in an unprecedented legal market
May 11th, 2020

As the economic impact of the global pandemic intensifies, law firms are implementing a range of measures to try to weather the storm, including pay cuts, layoffs and partner cash calls. Although it is too early to begin to assess … Continued

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Introducing Fee Shifting Insurance
May 13th, 2019

In 2017, TheJudge launched an insurance product specifically designed for parties involved in cases where the loser may be subject to an adverse award of attorneys’ fees. For example, because the arbitration clause or applicable statutory regime provides for fee … Continued

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