About Simon Tucker

Located in Toronto, Simon is Vice President at TheJudge, having joined the company in 2017.

Simon brings over 10 years of experience in litigation insurance and specialises in the development and management of insurance programs across Canada, already assisting hundreds of lawyers and tens of thousands of Canadians with access to justice.

Initially in England, Simon worked as an ATE specialist at a global legal expense insurer where he specialised in personal injury and medical malpractice programs, in addition he successfully assisted in the merger of three of the United Kingdom’s leading brokers. Simon was also a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

Simon’s experience led him to being called to Toronto in 2015, where he assisted in the growth and management of Canada’s first multi-provincial litigation insurance programs.

When not in the office, Simon spends his time watching any and all sport he can possibly find, and combining that with his love of travel.