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Specialists in litigation insurance and litigation finance
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About TheJudge

Far more than “just a broker” in the traditional sense, we operate exclusively in the world of litigation finance and insurance.  Working with over 30 litigation finance and insurance companies, and with offices in London, New York, California and Toronto, we are one the most connected and experienced (Est in 2000) deal-making teams in this highly specialized market.

We work for you, our client, to explain your options without bias, to help structure the right deal format, and thereafter secure the best possible insurance or litigation finance terms we can from the market.

Neither the litigation finance or insurance market in isolation can hope to meet the needs of all clients.  Whether you have a cash-flow requirement, or are simply seeking to achieve budget and risk certainty over your legal spend, it’s simply “a must” to understand the mechanics and advantages of each industry and what they can offer you, whether individually or combined.

Our work is diverse. Whether engaged by a small business that requires $500k of litigation finance, a large corporate enterprise seeking a $60m portfolio finance arrangement, or a law firm looking to expand their contingency fee work using tools that can guarantee a minimum realization rate on fees, we sit on your side of the negotiation table.

Start your exploration of this market with us, and you’ll not only save time but gain clarity of thought. By having various deal structures and the impact of different pricing models explained to you from the outset (even before we approach the market), you will be achieving your objective in the most efficient way possible – in the fastest timeframe possible.

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  • “TheJudge will be a valuable resource, both to commercial litigants and their lawyers alike to help navigate through the increasingly diverse mix of litigation funding options.”

    Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

  • “…They know which funders to approach with specific cases, and have proven their ability to secure offers from a range of providers. The team at TheJudge also negotiate on our clients’ behalf to get the best offer they can.”

    White & Case LLP

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