A service that fits your needs.

A global litigation finance and risk management provider. 

Established in 2000, TheJudge has one of the most experienced teams in the commercial litigation funding market, with offices in London, Manchester, California and Toronto.

We provide third party funding, litigation risk sharing insurance and other finance and risk management solutions for clients involved in litigation or arbitration.

Our model is simple – we aim to be a full-service litigation finance provider, offering access to numerous insurance and capital based options.

We are not just an insurance broker. We are not just a third-party funding provider. We are a global litigation finance and risk management specialist.

We specialize in:

  • Non-recourse financing for legal fees and expenses for litigation and arbitration claims;
  • Funding for individual cases or portfolios of cases;
  • Corporate financing using one or more legal claim as the security asset;
  • Insurance to cover the law firm’s risk in taking matters on a contingency fee;
  • Insurance to cover the client’s own litigation expenditure;
  • Adverse legal expenses insurance to insure adverse costs (fee shifting);
  • Security for costs
  • or damages bonds;
  • Insurance to cover the risk of award/judgment default;
  • Sale or monetization of awards or claims;
  • Award enforcement and enforcement financing;
  • M&A insurance, including insurance to contain legal liabilities;
  • Tailored law firm finance and insurance facility arrangements;
  • Introductions to leading law firms by specialist areas.
Why do clients engage TheJudge?
  • Quick overview and indication – Not all inquiries for litigation finance or insurance will progress to an application. We can provide a good overview of the client’s likely options within 24 hours based on a few brief details being provided.
  • Access to exclusive insurance options – no litigation finance discussion is complete without considering the possibility of insurance, either as an alternative to litigation finance, or as part of an overall funding and risk management strategy. We are the market leaders in the placement of litigation-related insurance products.
  • Saving chargeable law firm time – our work minimizes lawyer time in advising on financing options and structuring complex litigation finance and insurance arrangements.
  • Flexibility – we have solutions for a wider range of legal disputes and situations than any other litigation finance provider.
  • No minimum claim size – many litigation funders will only consider very large disputes. Our insurance products and other financing options can be structured in cases where the economics (the ratio of expected damages to litigation budget) would not be viable for litigation finance.
  • High conversion rate – individual litigation funders reject the vast majority of applications they receive. By offering access to a wide range of alternative insurance providers, we offer the best chance of ultimately securing a financing offer.
  • Get the best deal – the pricing and commercial terms of insurance are often much more favourable than litigation finance. For parties with liquidity or access to capital, our insurance options typically offer a much more cost-effective solution.
  • Speed – our process is designed to get from inquiry to executed financing deal in as short a timeframe as possible.