Few could argue that we have our ears closest to the ground when it comes to dealing with mass of litigation funding and arbitration insurance companies around the world. This gives us first hand insight into common frustrations shared by these arbitration funding and insurance companies when it comes to considering investor state or commercial arbitrations.

One of the biggest frustrations for funders is a lack of a case budget or cash flow forecast when an application is made. Some litigation funding companies operate under private equity models whereas others as traditional funds and the difference between the two can be significant. Some litigation funders will be under pressure to deploy funds on behalf of their investor base, whereas others won’t have such pressure and, on the contrary, prefer cases where they will unlikely need to deploy the full commitment sought.

Cash flow budget when applying for arbitration funding

A good cost budget detailing the likely cash flow for both lawyers’ fees and expenses is a significant part of any arbitration funding company’s due diligence. Furthermore, a well-considered budget can also aid our team in negotiating more favourable terms on your client’s behalf.

We can assist you by providing template guidance when it comes to providing a provisional budget, if you require.