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About James Delaney

Based in the London office, James is one of the principals of TheJudge, having joined the company in 2005.

James has an extensive network of relationships with lawyers in Global 100 law firms for whom he’s trusted and frequently relied upon to deliver finance solutions for their clients, in what are often complex and sizeable litigation or arbitration disputes.

James frequently arranges litigation finance for clients pursuing commercial claims whether through the courts or arbitration. He enjoys a particular expertise in arranging bespoke funding solutions for clients pursuing international arbitration claims, including investment treaty arbitrations.

James has been responsible for putting together some of the largest ever litigation insurance placements in the industry, often with numerous insurers co-subscribing to meet the required budget, which in some instances have legal budgets exceeding £40m. He’s also syndicated funding arrangements where the capital requirement has exceeded $100m for a single transaction.

James regularly uses the full variety of finance instruments available in the market to meet the needs of the client, whether financing for legal fees and expenses, securing working capital for businesses during the life of the claim or monetizing an existing award.

James’ portfolio of engagements often involves cases with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and in a numerous instances multi-billions.

James prides himself in putting himself into the client’s shoes when identifying, sourcing and ultimately broking the required risk transfer or financing solution.  James won’t accept a mandate that he doesn’t believe he can close. His advice will be honest and without bias.

With over 17 years’ career experience exclusively in litigation finance and insurance, James is truly one of the industry’s most experienced individuals.

Career History

Having obtained his Masters in Law, James joined a specialist litigation insurance company. He enjoyed 5 years as a senior underwriter, where he assessed commercial dispute on behalf of the insurer in order to choose which cases the insurer should support.  In 2005 James joined TheJudge as both shareholder and Director.

Notable Experience

In 2016, James was responsible for arranging funding and insurance solutions for claimants with a combined claim value exceeding $4billion, and is currently involved in claims with aggregate combined value exceeding $10billlion.  

  • Secured over £16m of litigation funding and insurance for claimants pursuing a negligence claim against their former lawyers surrounding allegedly negligent investment advice
  • Responsible for arranging litigation finance and risk management insurance packages for numerous international arbitration cases including ICSID, ICC, LCIA, JAMS, UNCITRAL and other ad hoc arbitrations.
  • Raised significant capital to monetize various international arbitration awards and in so doing provided claimants with an exit to their often long running dispute sagas.
  • Brokered numerous bespoke solutions for global top 50 commercial law firms to help manage their contingency book exposure.
  • Provided witness and expert testimony in UK legal proceedings to support our clients’ positions, including notable and landmark cases on security for costs such as: Premier MotorAuctions Ltd and Premier MotorAuctions Leeds Ltd. v. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Lloyds Bank PLC, case number HC-2014-0022210, in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales
  • Secured a substantial litigation insurance package for the successful claimants in the Attrill & Others and Anar & Others v Dresdner Kleinwort Limited and Commerzbank AG [2010] EWHC 1249 and the subsequent successful defence of the bank’s appeal in the Court of Appeal
  • Brokered 2013’s largest industry placement for shareholders pursuing RBS for an allegedly defective prospectus, surrounding the bank’s £12billion cash call in 2008
  • Brokered significant ATE insurance capacity for the ‘Atomic Veterans Litigation’ (AB v Ministry of Defence [2010] EWCA Civ 1317)
  • Frequently quoted and author in various legal publications as well as national and international press on litigation finance issues
  • A former specialist litigation insurance underwriter for commercial disputes, during which time his risk selection choices resulted in the company’s most profitable account during his tenure.
  • Achieved a “law student of the year” award recognition during his master’s degree.

Articles and Publications