We are pleased to announce that we’ve just added two new litigation funders to our panel. This now enables our clients to access over 12 different funding companies. Any new entrant to our panel has to be able to demonstrate that they have available capital and have actively participated in funding deals previously.

We are extremely conscious to avoid introducing our clients to so called ‘would be funders’, when in fact they are really an intermediary or new start up aspiring to be a funder whilst capital raising. We recognise our clients want swift decisions on their cases and from the actual decisions makers holding the capital.

Any lawyer practising in commercial litigation and arbitration in the UK shouldn’t forget that the litigation funding market is bigger than perhaps the three or four names they are used to seeing in domestic marketing. When dealing in large value commercial disputes in particular, there is an increasingly large international network of funders ready to consider your cases.  Of course at TheJudge we hope to make that process easy for you, by giving you a one stop shop to the range of leading funders from around the world.