TheJudge has added another funder to its growing panel of third party funders who are specifically targeting commercial disputes that require between £20,000 and £250,000 of funding.

This new entrant is another illustration of how the third party funding market is continuing to evolve. The sector can now be viewed in two parts, those funders targeting larger value cases and those seeking to capitalise on the volume of smaller value disputes.  Competition is rife for larger cases with over 15 active funders, and with this new entrant, a healthy market of funders is steadily emerging at the lower value end, now there are three or four active funders.

Price Pressure

An interesting feature of this new market entrant is their pricing model.  They’ve set an aggressive benchmark for existing funders in their space with what appears to be the lowest rates for non-recourse funding available in the current market.  It could prove a risky strategy for the funder concerned if they do not capture enough volume and achieve the necessary success rate.  However, through such a predatory pricing model they could well drive significant volume of cases through the fund.

For lawyers representing clients in smaller value claims, this is clearly welcome news, since the lower the cost of funding the greater its potential application to a wider variety of cases.

One application to TheJudge accesses multiple funders and ATE insurers simultaneously

There is no need to gamble with your client’s case by relying on just one funder or insurer offering terms.  Completing just one application to TheJudge ensures your client’s case is considered by multiple funders and insurers.  Not only does this hopefully result in competitive offers, it will crucially increase the chances of your client securing an offer in the first place.

We cannot stress enough the prejudice that can be caused if you only make one approach, which is then rejected by that insurer or funder.  Remember the funder or insurer owes no duty to your client when reviewing a case, and so they are free to accept or reject a case as they see fit.

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