Diverse range of insurance cover:

We can source and advise on policies for:

• Adverse Costs (where fee shifting applies)
• Expenses
• Your side’s Attorney Fees
• Appeals
• Law firm WIP (Contingency Fee Cover)

Full spectrum of coverage Limits:

Depending on the type of litigation insurance, coverage limits for a single case can range from as low as $200,000 through to $100m+.

Flexible Premiums:

TheJudge is typically able to secure a range of premium options, including deferred and contingent premiums, which means some or all of the insurer’s premium is only payable in the event that the policyholder’s case succeeds, and they recover damages.

Staged premiums and discounted premiums to encourage early settlement are also commonplace.

Financially strong insurers

The capacity markets with whom TheJudge operates are typically rated “good” or “excellent” by independent financial rating agencies.

Tailored policy coverage

Not all litigation insurance policies provide the same coverage. The policy wordings that different insurers have produced over 20 years are similar in many ways but there are subtle differences that can create large disparities in the operation of the cover and also when the premium is payable.

TheJudge brokers can guide lawyers and their clients through the coverage points to suit the case and we typically adopt our own policy wording which provides a tried and tested starting point for a tailored solution.

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