With the aid of actor Hugh Grant, the ongoing Leveson enquiry into tabloid journalism has helped highlight the tragic consequences of the MOJ’s proposed reforms to eradicate the recoverability of CFA success fees and ATE insurance premiums.

Speaking during the enquiry, Hugh Grant highlighted the impact on claimants who are of limited means to obtain access to justice:

“If you look at the Dowlers, they would not have been able to prosecute that case without a CFA. Christopher Jefferies had to use a CFA, Sara Payne the same. This whole campaign to restrict CFA’s has been very heavily pushed by the tabloid press”

Whilst Mr Grant’s comments relate to the impact of those involved in media related cases, the proposed MOJ’s reforms are far more global in their application. Many SME businesses and civil litigants will suffer as their damages are eroded to pay for lawyers and insurers’ fees.