The Judge’s Quick Service

Accelerate provides a fast-tracked process for obtaining ATE Insurance for commercial cases requiring adverse costs and own disbursements cover of up to £250,000.

Deferred Premiums for ATE Insurance

The premiums are deferred and contingent/self-insured upon success and staged to provide for a reduced premium should the case settle early. This means that there is nothing to pay upfront and nothing to pay in the event of a loss.

The Insurers

The insurer participants in Accelerate are ‘A rated’ insurers. As there are multiple insurer participants in Accelerate, your client retains the benefit of a market search.

Our simple five steps

The applicant's Lawyer submits the application.

We approach a selection of insurers and, if eligible, we return within 24hrs with non-binding indications and draft policy wordings.

The applicant considers the indications, confirms that they are interested in proceeding with their preferred terms and the applicant’s Lawyer provides documentation to support their case.

The insurer has 5 days to undertake their due diligence and either offer a formal quotation or decline to quote.

The applicant can accept or reject the formal quotation. If accepted, the insurer will bind the policy on the agreed terms.

Accelerate; ATE Insurance
for Commercial Disputes

If your client requires litigation funding then please call one of our team on +44 845 257 6058 prior to completing this application

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