Trying to fund litigation proceedings can be incredibly difficult for individuals and even for many companies. It can seriously interfere with day-to-day cash flow issues and the financial consequences of a loss can be disastrous, which is why many are looking for third party funding opportunities to help ease the burden.

This type of funding can be vital. Investors will provide interim cash flow in order to progress the case in return for a financing fee or a share of the recovery costs, thereby ensuring that the business doesn’t have to worry about the funding of the case and any resulting legal fees. This can be invaluable and can help ensure the case continues to run smoothly, because with costs easily escalating it can often be too much for many firms to cope with.

The importance of third party litigation funding can never be underestimated, but it’s just as important that the investor is chosen wisely. They need to be fully aware of the risks involved and totally transparent in their dealings, and any financing fee needs to be agreed upon before the process gets underway. Having a reliable investor is key, but finding someone that can provide the necessary input can be difficult. Many investors will reject up to 85% of cases brought to them, which is why it’s important to have experts on your side to help.

We understand the importance of this type of litigation funding and we’re committed to helping your clients achieve a viable outcome, which is why we use our experience and network of contacts to help ensure the best possible deal. We’re specialists in the field of litigation funding and we know how important this area is, so get in touch today and you could soon secure the funding that your client needs.