TheJudge Canada attend the Ontario Bar Association Institute Conference
TheJudge February 7th, 2019

TheJudge Canada was invited to attend the Ontario Bar Association Institute conference on 5th February on Civil Litigation, discussing the most recent and relevant issues impacting litigation practices in Ontario under the title “Litigating in a New Era”. The conference focused … Continued

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Do all third party commercial litigation funders charge the same for funding a case?
Katie Armstrong November 15th, 2018

There exists a widespread misconception that most litigation funders charge the same success fee. Based on our practical experience when broking third party funding for clients involved in litigation and arbitration, there are large variances between the cost of litigation … Continued

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Navigating the litigation funding and insurance market: choosing an insurer
Katie Armstrong October 16th, 2018

In part one in a two-part series of TheJudge Global’s guide to the litigation funding and insurance market, Katie Armstrong reviews the factors clients should take into consideration when choosing a litigation insurance provider. Independent brokers like TheJudge Global can … Continued

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Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society Conference
Katie Armstrong June 4th, 2018

Katie Armstrong, head of our Canadian Commercial Litigation broking team, had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society Conference, on a panel entitled “Third Party Funding in Canada: The Funders’ Practical Insights”, featuring Tania Sulan of … Continued

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Global litigation funding options hit Canadian market
TheJudge May 9th, 2018

Independent brokers are perfectly placed to help lawyers and their clients navigate Canada’s fast-changing litigation funding landscape, says Katie Armstrong, director of international development at TheJudge Global. The firm, founded in 2000, is the largest international litigation funding and insurance broker, and recently … Continued

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Contingency Fee Insurance
TheJudge July 13th, 2017

Contingency Fee Insurance has been referred to as a potential “game-changer” for US law firms – the “G” word is often overused, but in this context, it may be justified. So, what is it and how does it work? This … Continued

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Hong Kong Allows Third Party Funding
TheJudge July 10th, 2017

On the 14th of June 2017 Hong Kong’s Legislative Council passed a law which permits third party funding for arbitrations based in Hong Kong. It does extend to cover arbitrations in other territories where the work associated with the arbitration … Continued

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James Blick to speak at CDR Summer Litigation Symposium 2017 on June, 29th
TheJudge June 23rd, 2017

James Blick, Director of TheJudge and head of the company’s US operations is to speak at the forthcoming CDR Summer Litigation Symposium 2017 in London on June, 29th on “Managing the Costs of Litigation”. Click here for details of the … Continued

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Hulk Hogan, Sex Scandal, Revenge…and Litigation Funding
James Blick September 13th, 2016

The recent case of Terry Bollea v Gawker Media has all of the ingredients of a juicy headline-grabber – aging ex-wrestler sporting a handlebar moustache, a sex-tape showing Hulk Hogan in bed with the wife of his best friend (who … Continued

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