There’s nothing worse than losing a legal battle, particularly when you start to factor in the costs involved. Legal expenses and other financial obstacles can all add up, and the consequences can be devastating. That’s why many businesses are choosing to source after the event insurance, reducing the cost risk of litigation drastically.

This type of insurance provides indemnity for legal costs in the event that the litigation (or arbitration) is lost, usually including cover for the other side’s costs as well as for the client’s own legal fees. It can be an invaluable form of insurance that protects the client’s financial interests, offering valuable protection against the risk of losing litigation.

But, as with any form of litigation financing, it’s important to choose wisely. Terms can vary greatly between individual policies and it’s vital you’ve got the level of cover that suits your client’s specific dispute, and that’s why you need to get in touch. We understand the importance of having this insurance in place and we’re perfectly placed to help you find the most viable premiums, and because there’s no cap on the potential level of cover available via TheJudge, you can be certain that no case is too big or too small to warrant our attention.

So, if you don’t want to lose out, always make sure to consider this type of insurance. It can be invaluable and can transform your client’s financial interests, and if you want to ensure you’re getting the best deal make sure to get in touch with the ATE and third party funding litigation experts – us.