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Contentious insolvency litigation has been a cornerstone of TheJudge’s work since the launch of the company over 17 years ago.  We are frequently engaged as the independent broker and advisory agent for administrators, liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy, creditors and other financially distressed companies to arrange and advise on the most appropriate litigation funding or insurance option for their individual circumstances.

Whether they are seeking an insurance hedge for their personal costs liability, a funding package for their lawyers fees and/or disbursements, a solution to a potential or existing security for costs issue, or to sell the potential litigation and make an immediate financial return for creditors, insolvency practitioners can take comfort that by engaging TheJudge to source their litigation funding and insurance requirements, they are working with a broker whose duty is aligned to their own i.e. to secure the best possible terms available. Our objective is to source the most cost effective funding and/or litigation insurance package we can from the market, which assists the IP in satisfying their duties to achieve the maximum potential recovery for the benefit of their creditors.


“In a market of diverse funding and insurance products, it’s invaluable to work with a broker who really knows the market, the legal issues at stake and acts in our client’s best interest.”

K&L Gates

Our team of specialist brokers have access to no less than 40 capital and risk management providers at our and our ability to create tailored finance and/or risk management structures for a client are almost endless. In short, we provide choice, combined with independent expertise.

Examples of our capabilities for insolvency litigation

  1. Arranging insurance solutions for adverse costs and own disbursements;
  2. Securing competitive funding solutions to finance lawyers fees and disbursements (including Counsel);
  3. Advising on and securing appropriate financial instruments to satisfy a security for costs order;
  4. Monetisation (i.e. the sale) of insolvency claims to specialist funders for either immediate upfront consideration and/or a share of any recovery generation by the funder;
  5. Assisting IPs with specialist law firm selection/introductions and structuring cost effective retainers where they have yet to engage a legal team;
  6. Portfolio funding, insurance, and monetisation for IPs or law firms handling a portfolio of insolvency claims.

Key Contacts:

Robert Warner (London)

Katie Armstrong (London)

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