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About Robert Warner

Robert is head of broking operations at TheJudge, having joined the company in early 2016. Robert began his career in After the Event insurance in 2006, working for both brokers and insurers before joining the commercial litigation underwriting team of a leading ATE insurer in 2011 and eventually spending the last few years as the underwriting manager at that insurer before joining TheJudge. The experience that Robert gained throughout his career is invaluable when it comes to arranging complex multi-layered litigation funding and ATE insurance solutions. Robert is a notable advocate of arranging subscription based risk transfer solutions where a client’s litigation finance requirements or adverse costs exposure runs into the millions of pounds and is known for creating unique and creative solutions, including both individual and portfolio arrangements to de-risk clients in challenging and complex situations. Robert also specialises in arranging the monetisation of insolvency litigation as well as domestic and international court judgements and arbitration awards. Through his direct work with many funders and insurers, Robert is able to offer a valuable insight into the perception and approach of the risk carriers themselves and is able to structure proposals based on that knowledge to remove the potential barriers to obtaining funding and/or insurance and to minimise the time taken to conclude the proposal and negotiation periods.

Notable Experience

  • Brokered a substantial litigation insurance policy to support a GLO application on behalf of thousands of UK consumers against one of the largest corporations in the world.
  • Secured a $3.5m litigation insurance policy on behalf of a substantial commercial client pursuing losses as a result of a price-fixing cartel.
  • Executed a £5.5m litigation insurance package on behalf of a liquidator within 26 days of instruction.
  • Brokered the monetisation of a £7.2m wrongful trading claim against the former directors of a company in liquidation.
  • Drafting and executing a £7.5m portfolio insurance wrapper to cover a portfolio of commercial disputes.
  • Handling dozens of multi million pound international arbitration cost indemnities and funding enquiries including ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC and LCIA arbitrations.

Articles and Publications: