Cash is King – Managing risk and cashflow in an unprecedented legal market
James Blick May 11th, 2020

As the economic impact of the global pandemic intensifies, law firms are implementing a range of measures to try to weather the storm, including pay cuts, layoffs and partner cash calls. Although it is too early to begin to assess … Continued

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An Insider’s Take on the Future of Litigation Finance
Brett McDonald March 15th, 2019

It is always interesting to hear the perspective and prognostications of people that are monitoring the litigation finance market. I recently read a synopsis of Ashby Jones, chief of the Wall Street Journal’s law bureau, comments on questions concerning the … Continued

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Courts Continue to Deny Demands For Litigation Funding Disclosure
Brett McDonald March 15th, 2019

Despite the fact that litigation finance arrangements are rarely relevant to the claims and defenses of the underlying litigation, many defendants seek to compel their disclosure because of the obvious strategic advantage to be gained. Despite some outliers, courts and … Continued

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Is Litigation Finance Unethical?
Brett McDonald October 17th, 2018

NYC Bar Opinion says Law Firm Litigation Finance may be Unethical The New York City Bar Association’s Professional Ethics Committee (NYCBA) has recently issued an opinion which may affect litigation finance arrangements. In its Formal Opinion 2018-5, entitled ‘Litigation Funder’s … Continued

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World Litigation Forum
TheJudge October 16th, 2018

7th World Litigation Forum in San Francisco October 24th and 25th, 2018 James Blick, Director, and Brett McDonald, VP and General Counsel, of TheJudge’s US team are excited to speak at the forthcoming 7th World Litigation Forum in San Francisco on … Continued

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Disclosure of Third-Party Litigation Funding Arrangements
Brett McDonald June 15th, 2018

On April 3, 2018, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed into law Wisconsin Act 235 specifying that in civil actions in Wisconsin’s state courts litigation funding agreements must be disclosed. This legislation follows the decision by the Northern District of California … Continued

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Attorney Fee Insurance for Corporate Counsel
TheJudge July 13th, 2017

A cost effective solution for Corporate Counsel Litigation finance is key product for many entities that either do not have the necessary capital to finance their legal fees or do not wish to tie up their capital during the litigation.  … Continued

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TheJudge’s client defeats security for cost application in landmark ruling in ICSID case
TheJudge July 11th, 2017

In Eskosol SpA v Italian Republic, ICSID Case No ARB/15/50, which is one of the many solar photovoltaic ECT cases being brought against Italy following changes to the tariff system, Italy sought to obtain two provisional measures: i) security for … Continued

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We’re hiring in the US – Interested in joining TheJudge?
TheJudge June 23rd, 2017

Are you interested in joining one of the most unique, highly-regarded and long-standing companies in the global litigation finance market? We are looking to build upon our existing US team with the hire of new business development executives.  Do you … Continued

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