Law Firm Solutions

In addition to broking litigation funding and insurance for individual cases on behalf of clients, TheJudge is frequently engaged by law firms around the world to help develop their litigation funding strategy. We provide cutting edge training for litigation and arbitration teams, covering everything they need to know about the funding and insurance market. Part of our training programme also includes regular ‘refresher’ sessions to ensure fee earners remain up to speed on the changes in the industry and what they should be advising clients about their funding options.

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Accredited Litigation Funding & ATE Insurance Training

In addition to regularly being invited to speak at national and international conferences, TheJudge has been an industry leader for over a decade in delivering bespoke training sessions for litigation and arbitration departments around the world. Our training sessions will …

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Bespoke Law Firm Funding Products

We recognise the various challenges that litigation and arbitration departments face when seeking to differentiate themselves from rival firms, particularly when pitching for new business. TheJudge works closely with both the dispute resolution departments and the finance teams of many …

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