Don’t fall foul of the updated SRA obligations

Unless you are new to dispute resolution, it is likely that you’ll have a good understanding of litigation funding and ATE insurance and will engage in regular discussions with your clients about the options that may be available to them. But how well do you know the obligations imposed on you within the SRA Handbook in this regard and are you confident that you are consistently meeting them? The latest version of the Handbook, implementing the EU Insurance Distribution Directive (EU) 2016/97, strengthens these obligations and provides for criminal sanctions for non-compliance. Whilst it is impossible to write an article that would replace the need for you to read the updated SRA Handbook, click here to read Verity Jackson-Grant’s run down of the key points that you need to look out for.

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Davey v Money & Otrs – An unwelcome decision for funders?

On 17 April 2019, the High Court handed down a judgment that is likely to have significant repercussions for the commercial litigation funding industry. Click here to read Emily Thomas’sanalysis of the judgment in Davey v Money v ChapelGate [2019] EWHC 997 (Ch) and her views on the impact less reliance on the “Arkin cap” might have on the market.

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Is your pitching toolbox up to date?

Discussing basic litigation finance options is no longer the winning play that it used to be, yet many firms continue to take an incredibly one-dimensional approach when talking about alternative funding arrangements at the pitching stage. Standing out from the crowd requires constant evolution. Creating a bespoke solution for the client that is shaped upon their tolerance for risk, their liquidity position and, importantly, their ultimate goals in the dispute requires knowledge as to how these arrangements can be structured. But this need not take a lot of lawyer time. With some basic background details, and given just a few hours, we can put together various structural examples that can be incorporated into your pitch, equipping you with the tools you need to deliver a cutting-edge and tailored proposal.

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TheJudge’s Tailored Workshops

For well over a decade, TheJudge has been an industry leader in delivering bespoke training sessions for litigation and arbitration departments around the world.

Our training sessions are not “sales pitches” for any one product or indeed a sales pitch for TheJudge. Instead, they provide an overview of the whole market using practical examples that give your team a real life understanding of how funding and insurance options can be tailored to meet the needs of the client or your firm.

Our tailored workshops will provide your team with:

1. An up to date overview of the funding and insurance products available on the market and how they can be tailored to manage the cost risk for the client.

2. A clear understanding of how funding and insurance products can be utilised by the law firm to reduce risk and maximise realisation when acting under DBAs and CFAs.

3. The ability to confidently discuss the potential options with your client.

We don’t believe that anyone else in the market can provide such a genuinely independent training session. Please contact Verity Jackson-Grant if you would be interested in organising a workshop for your department.


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