Financing litigation can be crippling for a business. It can easily swallow a huge chunk of profits and it’s even worse if the case is lost, which is always a significant concern in respect of the company finances, particularly for smaller businesses. This is why many are looking into the possibility of third party funding.

In this arrangement, a private investor will agree to pay all or part of the client’s legal costs in return for a share of the proceeds, but as with anything in this arena, it’s important to head to the experts.

Expert brokers, such as TheJudge, will help you source the best litigation financing arrangement possible to ensure that your client is confident in its ability to see the case through. It’s important to consider that the contingency fee charged can vary greatly between individual funders, so your client needs to feel confident in the expert advice being provided. Given our position in this sector, we’re perfectly placed to help you achieve that.

Our expertise and understanding of the marketplace increases the chance of finding an appropriate, low-risk and cost-effective third party litigation funding solution for your clients.

So, if your client is looking for this form of litigation funding, make sure to get in touch. We can help you secure the necessary financing with terms that suit your client, ensuring they get the funding they need without having to pay extortionate financing fees. It’s all about knowing the market and having a thorough understanding of this niche area, so if you want to make sure your client is getting the best deal, just see what we can do.