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Large indemnities for group claims– the new norm?
Robert Warner March 11th, 2020

Put your case in pole position: TheJudge closes a policy with over £30m of cover With the rise in group litigations, in particular in the competition and securities sector, it’s natural that demand for adverse costs insurance policies with high … Continued

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Creative solutions for financing competition litigation
Robert Warner July 8th, 2019

Deciding whether to pursue a claim following loss as a result of anti-competitive behaviour is not necessarily an easy decision to make.  In most cases, expensive expert witnesses must be engaged from the outset to be able to adequately assess … Continued

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Using own fees Insurance to reduce the client’s outlay whilst protecting your fee income
Robert Warner May 18th, 2018

Producing a budget that is realistic and won’t scare off a prospective client during a pitch can be a challenge. Lawyers might be tempted to be overly optimistic in preparing the cost estimate, but this can be a cause of … Continued

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Security for Costs – What next post Premier Motorauctions?
Robert Warner May 16th, 2018

Much analysis has followed the Court of Appeal’s decision in Premier Motorauctions and the impact it may have on impecunious or nominal claimants (including Insolvency Practitioners (“IPs”) who have had their claims stifled by an inability to satisfy a security … Continued

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High Court accepts ATE cover as sufficient to dismiss security for costs application
Robert Warner November 10th, 2016

A recent High Court decision which accepted that ATE insurance policies were adequate security has offered some welcome reassurance to impecunious Claimants who may have previously had their claims stifled by an inability to satisfy an order for security for … Continued

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Robert Warner

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