We are sure you’ll be awash with e-mailers setting out company’s policies with regards the Coronavirus. In short, at TheJudge, all our teams around the world are now working remotely. Our systems for managing new, live enquiries and ongoing matters remotely are all in place.

With the majority of law firms’ teams largely working remotely, we want to advise that TheJudge team is here to support you as everyone tries as best as possible to adapt to what is a likely to be new normal for the foreseeable months ahead.

We recognise that in particular the onboarding of new clients and the usual in person interactions will largely now be remote based.  While some might argue we all now have more time, it’s our view that the alternative is probably the case for many prospective commercial litigants.  Clients will likely be concerned by cash flow and other more immediate operational priorities.  Prospective litigation/arbitration, while potentially necessary, may be not be priority number one. As such, fast-tracking the process of helping clients make informed decisions about how they fund their legal disputes will be even more important at this time.

We’ve written extensively in the past about how important the accuracy of initial advice is in order to give clients the necessary tools to make an informed decision about how their litigation can be funded and/or insured.  In any given case there are usually a multitude of ways the available market tools can be applied to address cash flow and risk management needs. It is rarely as simple as one product for one task because very often the litigation funding and insurance products, required to deal with different needs, work in tandem and in doing so they affect each other.

Given the heightened value of time, we’re launching our informed Origin Call Service.  This is our way of helping speed up the initial discussions for lawyers with their prospective clients to get a good sense of their funding and insurance options and help accelerate the decision-making process.

What is the Origin Call Service?

  • A concise early stage discussion to give you and your clients the necessary information to make an informed decision

Essentially, this is where we encourage an earlier conference call between one of our team, with you and the client too (if preferable) in order to sketch out a potential plan of action with regards accessing the right package of funding and/or insurance solution for the case in question.

With very basic information, even on a no names basis, about the type of case and likely budget, our team ought to be able to provide very clear information about the different options available and how they can be applied, including the likely cost involved and the process.

It might be that you’re pitching for a new case and want some differential, or perhaps obtaining funding is critical to the client agreeing your engagement or ,maybe the engagement letter is signed and thoughts are just now turning to the how litigation is the going to be funded but whatever the circumstances we ought to be able to help you avoid wasted time in this critical period.


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