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Contentious insolvency litigation has been a cornerstone of TheJudge’s work since the launch of the company in 2000. We are frequently engaged by companies in financial distress and their administrators, liquidators, trustees in bankruptcy and creditors to present competitive litigation insurance and litigation funding options for their individual circumstances.

Whether they are seeking an insurance hedge for their personal costs liability, a funding package for their lawyers’ fees and/or disbursements, a solution to a potential or existing security for costs issue, or to sell the potential litigation and make an immediate financial return for creditors, insolvency practitioners can take comfort that we will work hard to understand their fee objectives and to put forward solutions that match.


“In a market of diverse funding and insurance products, it’s invaluable to work with a broker who really knows the market, the legal issues at stake and acts in our client’s best interest.”

K&L Gates

Our capabilities for insolvency litigation include arranging:

  1. Litigation insurance solutions for adverse costs and own disbursements;
  2. Competitive funding solutions to finance lawyers’ fees and disbursements (including Counsel);
  3. Financial instruments to satisfy a security for costs order;
  4. Monetization (i.e. the sale) of insolvency claims for either immediate upfront consideration and/or a share of any recovery generation by the funder;
  5. Portfolio funding, insurance, and monetization for IPs or law firms handling a portfolio of insolvency claims.

Key Contacts:

Robert Warner (London)

Katie Armstrong (London)

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