International arbitrations are particularly costly and usually lengthy proceedings, but the damages available to be claimed by such proceedings are often very substantial and compensate for any inconveniences and the drawn-out nature of this process.

For this reason, third party funders are keen to become involved in financing the proceedings in order to reap the rewards of the damages awarded in the event of a success. TheJudge has found that, by using insurance products such as ATE insurance, the risk to the client is drastically reduced but not at punitive cost.

Speaking from TheJudge, Director Matthew Amey commented: “The increased financial security offered from ATE insurance and third party funding is drawing more firms’ attention than ever. ATE, or litigation insurance, provides an indemnity for legal costs in the event that the litigation or arbitration is lost and covers the potential liability for the other side’s costs, as well as some or all of the client’s own legal fees – with no cap on the level of cover available.

“At TheJudge we can secure cover ranging from less than £100,000 to over £20m for an individual case, and with our extensive experience in ATE insurance and third party funding, we are the go-to specialists for international clients requiring economic protection within their arbitration cases.”