There are many different situations in which legal expenses insurance is required. In some instances, it is needed in order to help clients bring a claim against another party, while in others individuals or organisations require it to help them defend themselves.

Indeed, it currently plays a significant part in the British legal system and many cases may not be able to proceed without it.

Of course, in order for those who use ATE insurance and/or third party litigation funding to achieve their aims, it is important that they find the best deal and to succeed in this, the services of a broker can be used.

However, if you are keen to secure a funding package, you might be concerned that brokering assistance, although beneficial in many ways, would be too expensive.

But by coming to TheJudge, you can rest assured you will not be left out of pocket. Our way of operating means our customers do not incur any more expenses than if they had dealt with insurers or funders directly. We get our money from the litigation insurance and financing firms who succeed in winning the clients’ business.

So, for straightforward guidance concerning litigation financing that you can rely on and that will not cost you, simply get in touch with our expert team.

We have a wealth of experience in such matters and are adept at achieving the very best solutions, even when we are operating under intense time pressure, meaning you can rely on us to help ensure you achieve the best outcomes.